Monday, June 19, 2006

Give PEEPS a chance.

Before AJ left for Costa Rica, we went out to get her some clothes that would be more appropriate for the weather down there. I saw this shirt and couldn't help but buy it. I mean, it's got a PEEPS dove on it! "Give PEEPS a chance." Gotta love it. It didn't hurt that it was only $10. SWEET lovin' PEEPS.

After riding home today, I sat outside with the cats and planted more seeds. Hopefully by then time AJ comes back, we won't have to buy any spices! We'll see... Anyways, the cat-grass has grown long enough that I let them have at it. They totally loved it!

Maddi eats sideways... LOL

Then Michael Thomas found another lizard. They live in the vines on the fence around the yard. Last time he pulled off the tail and grabbed the body. He played with it for a while, but after I saw he was just mangling the poor thing, I took it away. This time he only got the tail. And Maddi got involved. See the tail in front of Mike?


Mom said...

cat grass, huh? maybe I should plant some of that for Oliver and Lacey!! What did they do with the tail in the end?

spaceJASE said...

They lost interest after it stopped moving. It did it's job and distracted them from the main part - hopefully he'll live.

care-bear said...

Nice PEEP shirt. I should send you a plush PEEP. It looks crazy. Clarence the budgie was intrigued by the PEEP and tried to bite it.

shun chu said...

Our cats love the grass. Grace regularly "restock" the plant every once in a while to make sure they are fresh.