Monday, June 05, 2006

Luxembourg - May 2006

After the wedding in Germany (see below) we went to Luxembourg. We stayed in Luxembourg city at the Cafe Francais right on the main square. It was lovely. Although a bit pricey at $150/night. Carsten drove us down from Germany so we didn't have to deal with trains and transfers and crap. Then he drove us to Vianden the next day and that was the best!

Here are the picture pages for you to enjoy!

Page 1 - Luxembourg City
Page 2 - Vianden
Page 3 - Luxembourg City #2

Luxembourg was so awesome I think we might go live there someday. Castles are sweet. Um... I mean Chateau!


Mom said...

beautiful pics, Jason! I am glad you combine scenes/etc with people! Looks like a lovely place to go visit...I'll put it on my list! :)

shun chu said...

That looks like one kick-ass trip!