Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NO jury duty for ME!

I had to wait around and be "on call" but I just called and they said we aren't needed. I never thought I'd be this excited to go to work. I got a lot done around the house in the mean time. Like I ironed all my shirts that I can't wear anymore because I ride my bike to work and I don't want them all sweaty. EWWW! Now I have to make up the morning hours I missed and work later. Oh well! Good thing my job doesn't SUCK!


Mom said...

you ironed your shirts???

spaceJASE said...

yeah - I've been addressing the T-shirt at work thing and trying to up the ante so to speak. Basically I feel like I look like a slob. I guess my sense of fashion is taking a while to grow up - or the nearly 5 years of forced necktie action in Japan made me rebel afterwards. Dunno, but after Maria hipped me to some slick Quicksilver button downs, my wardrobe has been... altering.

But now that's all crap as I ride my bike to work and if I wore more than a T-shirt I'd be dripping sweat all day. Today I drove in to make up soem time for the delay the court caused me - so button down it was.