Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monet in Normandy

Yesterday Kaan and I went to SF to see a Monet show. It was hosted by Temple University where AJ got her Masters. She signed up to go with me as a guest and I walked in with Kaan and said "We represent Ms. Harlow - I'm Jason." Then she got out another nametag and asked for Kaan's name. There was a lecture that reminded me how interesting Art History can be and then the pieces they had were very interesting. They had, of course, a few of the well known Monets, but what I really liked was that they had a bunch of things I had never seen - earlier works that showed his progression to the "Impressionist" style. Everyone knows his "Waterlilly" & "Cathedral" studies, and some know of his "Haystack" studies, but I had never seen his "Wave" or "Cliffside" studies - which he did primarily while in Normandy - hence the title of the show.

This is the only pic I could "steal" without the staff noticing and nixing me. I was holding the camera at my side so the angle & framing isn't the best.

Maybe I should try harder to paint stuff... I have a bit of time on my hands now...

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Hose Head said...

I enjoy Monet very much. It's the way I saw things until I got my eye problem diagnosed and fixed in 86. Van Gogh is fascinating as well. For me the further I stand away the more the pictures make sense.