Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back from Costa Rica

These boys terrorize the elementary school in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Watch out for them. They'll tie your shoelaces together. AJ found them in Costa Rica.

I haven't posted in a while because AJ came back from Costa Rica last Saturday. So, you know - I was busy cleaning up the house and stuff. The cats really missed her and Maddi slept on the bed next to AJ from the first night on. She had been sleeping on the computer chair by herself the whole month. Mike, who had taken AJ's side of the bed all for himself, reluctantly gave it up and slept at our feet again.

AJ was looking out for me and took these pics of the VW buses she saw in Costa Rica. Too bad none of them were for sale. I mean "SE VENDE".

We went to the art fair in downtown Menlo Park on Sunday. Some day I wonder if I will have a booth at one of those... Sometimes people make "crafty" things and sometimes there's "arty" art. Is any of it REAL art? I don't know, I guess. That makes me sound like an art snob, when I'm not. I don't even know if what I'm doing is art. I mean - I'm being creative - sort of... But maybe it's just a craft in another form.

Art - you are a mystery to me. It's probably better that way.


Hose Head said...

How great of AJ to take bus pictures! Also welcome back. I'm getting mine painted later this year and the color selection on the last bus looks interesting. They all look so clean. No salt rust. Very nice.

robyn & jorge said...
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