Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Passing California Smog

Today I took the van in for a smog test with a heavy heart for I knew it wouldn't pass. It was too much to hope that it might pass. I couldn't take the let down yet again so I didn't even try to think it might pass.

And yet there is a god. Somehow those guys at Tassi pulled off a miracle and tweaked out the van enough that it passed. The used EGR valve helped for sure - cutting the noxious gases reading down about 750 points from 2000 to 1250 roughly. It had to be under 1500.

I am having a great day and actually look forward to going to the DMV tomorrow to make the van a legal resident of California.

This is a snapshot the guys took of me during a video conference while I was telling them that the van passed smog. It's pretty hard for me to control my utter elation. In fact I have been unsuccessful at it. I have been waiting for this day for an entire year.


Hose Head said...

Congratulations. Gee I was hoping I'd get it back all repaired. Dang. Really that's great. VW buses forever!

Mom said...

that is great, Jase...light at the end of the tunnel...and miles to go before you sleep! have a great time traveling, camping!

care-bear1 said...

Congratulations! I hope you can take the bus out for a trip soon!

shun chu said...

Wow... maybe Karma does count for "something"..