Sunday, July 02, 2006

Napa Valley tasting

Kaan and I went on a long drive up to Napa Valley, had some wine, headed over to see Sonoma Valley and came back down via Hwy 1 along the coast. It was pretty fun - but the traffic was kinda thick and it took us around 9 or 10 hours to drive. We stopped at Pine Ridge for a tasting and that ended up being the only one we could go to because we got up to Napa so late. Which is fine because if we had been able to go to a bunch of places I don't think I could have driven much more...

See those little grapes at the bottom? Soon they will be lovely BIG grapes for mashing with feet!

They gave us 4 wines to try:
A nice Rose - I don't really like Rose, but this was not too sweet and full of flavor.
An excellent Chardonnay - We used to drink Chardonnay but for some reason don't anymore... this wine would change me back for sure.
A Merlot - this has to be the best merlot I've ever had. I'm no wine connoisseur, but this was phenomenal. So tasty and rich with different flavors.
A Dr. Pepper - They mixed a bunch of wines together and got this bastardization of a drink. But dang was it good. A little bit of this and then a bit of that later on the tongue.

It took a while to get home as we headed over to the coast to drive down Hwy 1. We stopped in Point Reyes and had dinner at The Station House". I had a great veggie burger that they made there. (Usually restaurants just buy Boca or Gardenburger - this was leagues above those in taste and texture.)

It was dark when we drove down Hwy 1 so we didn't get much of the effect of driving along a cliff that's falling into the ocean, but the moon was out and it was still pretty cool looking.


care-bear1 said...

Napa Valley is stunning, isn't it? I went there four or five years ago with Sara, who was studying in San Francisco. We went to one vineyard that had a really old oak tree in the front yard (don't ask me why I remember this).

Mom said...

sounds like a very fun trip! and a nice drive too!