Friday, July 07, 2006

Michael Thomas Strikes

I've been growing spices in the kitchen window in little pots. Three of them are catnip. The cats can't reach them - or so I thought. Yesterday when I came home I found two of the pots in the sink with dirt all over and none of their leaves. Only one had survived the hunger of Mike. Maddi is a very naughty cat sometimes, but she doesn't like catnip leaves like Michael Thomas - I know it was him. So naughty. He was wild the rest of the evening. Like a crack-head.


Mom said...

you and Maddi just watched him, eh? I bet you both were amused!

Hose Head said...

Been out of contact for a while due to a computer melt down. We are back in this century. Peace.

Kerri said...

Just TODAY Sam JUMPED up on the tops of the kitchen cabinets (he jumps from the counter to the top of the fridge to the top of the cabinets) and started RUNNING and spreading his paws up the wall. WHY must he RUN???? He knocked down yet another decorative plate. Ugh! Ceramic smashed all over the floor.

These cats!!!!

PS - I have animal crossing on the DS now!! :-) Tell me how I can come to your town; you're always welcome in purrston!