Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get back 1 dimension. From 3 to 2.

I sometimes find sites that might be useful to artists. Here is an UNexhaustive list of a few:

It sounds wrong, but the site and forums are a great place for traditions and digital art.
Sometimes I like getting away from the 3D work.
EatPoo Guide for Art desperadoes
EatPoo Tutorials Page

Concept Art. & Forums

Find out about whatever concerning art. It's crazy, but don't lose an ear.
Art Encylopedia

Human reference:

Woospace had a link to Artnatomy on his site. Holy Cow, Batman! It's really cool - especially for comic book artists!
Facial Muscles & Expressions

It's easy to get lost at EatPoo and ConceptArt - They are full of people talking up art. Don't forget about CGTalk either, they have started several 2D & traditional sketch threads/forums sections.

Now if I could only find the time to actually draw... maybe I'd post something there too.


shun chu said...

CGTalk depresses me... Seeing 16-year-old Hungarian kids producing fantastic images makes me want to crawl back to my shell and stay there...

On the other hand, that could be a great business idea for outsource yet more American jobs overseas! Hah!

But then again, there's a difference between "artists" and simply "craftsmen"... (or is there?)

spaceJASE said...

In the world of computer arts it's hard to tell the difference. Many "artists" just learn where the buttons are and call whatever they render "art".

I think the end product needs to serve a purpose even if it's simply inspiring. If it causes awe or makes you tremble in fear, maybe it IS art.

This tool is still growing. Bring on the 16yr old punks, they may have mastered the buttons, but they aren't "masters" yet! LOL