Thursday, March 30, 2006

spaceJASE Oscar game

Chu had this on his blog. It's a 10 question multiple-choice thing that tells you what movie star you are closest to in personality. The Oscar Game - Which Character Are You? I tried it a couple times cuz I'm schizo like that. The results were as seen in these pictures. What star would YOU be?

It's stupid because it either says it thinks it can sum up you in 10 questions or it's genius because it says that the actors and actresses we worship are only 10 questions deep. Take your pick.


Mr. Legs said...

I'm Atticus Finch too...(yawn)

I wanna be scout!

Kerri said...

Hi Jason, Brian here (using kerri's account since i'm a non-blogging luddite).

Just thought you'd be amused to hear i took that little test, and... well... aparently i'm Hannibal Lecter.

Just thought i'd warn ya.