Monday, March 06, 2006

Lego Contest

They are having a build-off / interview session up in San Francisco for the one position that has become available at the San Diego LegoLand.

Think I should enter? I would soooo fail in the face of all the LEGO freaks who are superior to me. It is for me a simple past-time - a hobby, not a passion. OK I am passionate about my LEGOs. I don't think AJ would like moving down to LA for me to take a $15/hr job fixing up LEGO cities in miniature.

In other LEGO news, people spend way too much time making videos with their LEGOs. Check them out. Be amazed at the passion. Don't expect a movie out of me anytime soon.


Jim said...

I say go for it, dude!!!
(cue Eye of the Tiger music).

Mom said...

probably wouldn't be so much fun IF you had to do it full time...but you certainly have ALWAYS loved your legos!

belle said...

hahaha...thats hilarious! I think you should enter just so you can see all the FREAKS out there. I'm sure it would be a pretty amamzing sight. I wanna go just to watch.

Hose Head said...

I always wondered if it would be good to that kind of job in the former capital of Nigeria. At 15 bucks an hour that might be a good retirement gig. Perhaps I should look into it.

Kerri said...

If you enter, you'll have to have some type of "panic room" in your house for your Legos, so your cats don't knock them over!!!!


Sam & Max are on some sort of destructive binge - last week they broke a flower pot, a lamp, and a candy dish. They hadn't broken anything in ages. Must've been a full moon or something!