Sunday, April 16, 2006

Golden Gate Bridge

Sunday we went to meet Chris in SF and took a trip to see the bridge. I can see why people jump. It really does look romantic looking inland at the city and the bay, seeing Alcatraz glowing in the sunset...

Check out the pics HERE.

No ticks on the bridge.


mirage1701 said...

There is nostalgic for me.
I was visited USA 7 years ago, I went to there when going to Napa. Return was approached also in the horse racetrack.
By the way, When did you moved to the West Coast side?.


My Son Mikoto entered the college and removed to Tochigi Prefecture this month.

Mom said...

beautiful pics, been way too long since I've been out that much to explore.

love the close-ups of the birds...

shun chu said...

Don't do it, JASE!

Kerri said...

Awesome! Love all the pics you're posting lately. Keep 'em coming. Hey, you guys can come out here for the Caribbean, and for our next simultaneous venture, we can come there - maybe for the Mexican Riviera?!

PS - I took the test too, and I was Mary Poppins! Go figure!