Monday, April 03, 2006

XBox 360

Sunday we went to Best Buy to get a tax program because they seem to be able to get us a bigger return through weird magic. The big news is that they had XBox 360s. Well, I had a couple gift cards from Christmas burning a hole in my wallet, so I cut them loose.

Thanks Mom & Dad (and significant others). I got a new toy. Premium bundle XBox 360. mmmmm Tasty. Here's a list of the differences.

The only problem is: The F*CKING games cost $60+! What's with these companies? Do they think we gamers are MADE of money?!?!? Sheesh! Guess I'll be waiting for some used games... LOL


Hose Head said...

Looks pretty fine. Glad you were able to get something you wanted. Are you now part of generation x-box?

Mom said...

does it have 'cute' games like animal crossings and pikmin? :) ENJOY!!

belle said...