Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sonoma County

We took a drive in the lil' bus up to wine country.
The drive up was awesome - We stuck to route 1 and then headed in on 116.
This part of route 1 is (we swear) the road they drove on for the car chase in Basic Instinct. Who knows, but it was super-windy and right next to the cliff/coast. NO GUARD RAIL! The road was at times really stressed and had 6 inch deep pothole-like depressions that spanned the entire width of the road. A couple RVs couldn't take it and had to pull over. The lil' bus handled quite well.

I will post pics later - We saw seals and rocks broken off cliffs.


Mom said...

very beautiful scenery....I look forward to seeing the seals...

Hose Head said...

Nice van!